Blue Flower



The aim of our college is to “Serve with Humility” and to  “Dignify the Life of Rural Community”. Founders of the trust  were  dedicated teachers  who understood  the importance  of research  and applied sciences  in education. Our college has started applied sciences like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Computer science in addition to basic sciences.

In the pursuit of our cherished goals the trustees are giving maximum support in the form guidance and financial support.We wish you that by the time you complete your course you will be a more confident,competent and employable citizen ready to face the challenges of life.The trust is well aware of importance of high school education as it is the turning point in the life of every individual.

Our Vision:
To achieve excellency in education and to bring out socio-economic change among young people and farmers integrating the traditional spiritual values with innovative scientific knowledge.

Our Mission:

1. To provide quality education

2. To attract rural talent towards scientific research